Howdy I’m Craig Detrick, and I’ve been a supporter of habitat and wildlife conservation for most of my adult life. Yes, I’m a hunter, but like most genuine hunters, I realize the critical importance of wildlife to human existence. My first year of professional hunting hit me with the serious realization that there are so many valuable wild creatures in danger of total extinction. I immediately sought to do something about this. I joined some of the most active Montana wildlife conservation groups I could find, including Montana Audubon and the Montana Wilderness Association. I’ve been an ardent member ever since, continuously supporting and funding projects in my own little way.

I’ve also invested in several programs that help maintain species’ populations and preserve protected habitats for wildlife across America, Africa, and Asia. I’m a bit partial to Montana, however, having lived and hunted here all my life.

My goal is for the majority of Montana’s residents to truly appreciate wildlife and understand the impact they have on our economy. Using Habitat Exchanges as my platform, I’m creating awareness about wildlife conservation activities in the state as well as promoting Montana’s wildlife and natural habitats. I’m a passionate lover of the outdoors and nature, so if I’m not outside doing my job, I’m probably hiking or touring one of the state’s wildlife parks.